Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Cheer!

Sorry for the late post friends! But it's been another crazy, busy month for Team Johnson. You would think we would have adjusted by now, but things are constantly changing around here as Ava learns more and more. She amazes us every day! She sings songs, knows her alphabet and can count to ten! She also knows her colors- at least the primary ones. She has also been learning her shapes. So far, she has mastered triangle, square, circle and star.

In early December we visited the Festival of Lights with some of our friends. The girls saw "snow", met Santa and ran around the grounds checking out Christmas lights.

Ava and Ava Grey up to some mischief.

In December we also visited Grinchmas again. We were hoping Ava would get more out of it this year but actually it was far busier than it was in the past and you could barely walk through the park much less enjoy any of the holiday attractions. Oh, and the Grinch really, really frightened her. Ava doesn't do "mean."

So, after playing in the ball pit for a bit and riding one ride, we decided to head to Downtown Disney to check out their Christmas display. Of course it was awesome- it's Disney! But it was also crowded. And after nearly 30 minutes of hunting for a parking spot we weren't much in the Christmas spirit. We left pretty quickly and vowed never to do it again...Well, at least not until next year!

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