Monday, August 22, 2011

Life's a Beach!

In late July, Team Johnson headed to St. Augustine Beach for a mini-holiday with friends. We had a wonderful time frolicking in the waves, exploring the city, and eating loads of ice cream!

We ate several meals out and Ava was great because she had one of her favorite sidekicks with her, Ava Grey! They were two peas in a pod the entire trip. We typically spent the mornings by the pool or at the beach, followed by a trip into town to play at the park and ride on the carousel. Our evenings included another trip to the water to tucker the sweet cherubs out and then bath and bed for them. Then the real fun began...board games!!! We had many laughs over just how little we knew in order to answer the circa 1980 questions from Trivial Pursuit. After embarrassing ourselves, we decided to switch to "31"- a card game taught to us by our good friends Mark and Jesse- that did not require a vault of historical information.

The girls played so well together. And it was so nice to have some adult time in the evenings. We had such a good time that we think we will make it an annual event! Check out the pics below and stay tuned for our trip to California!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

Well, it's been another crazy busy month for Team Johnson! July started with our annual summer trek to Hiawassee for visiting with family, playing in the water and celebrating our nation's independence.

Ava, fresh with her new haircut, was ready to "Go!" This has become Ava's new favorite word. It has some variations of course. For example, if you are holding something she wants she says "ah-Go!" for let go. But, if she brings you her shoes and says "go" we've decided it translates to roughly "I have cabin fever. Take me some place now." Of course if she brings you your shoes and says go...well you can draw your own conclusions.

Hiawassee was fabulous! Ava loved the water and jumped right in. She loved the boat but she didn't love the life jacket. It was a "non-negotiable" (Ava understands this term quite well) and she managed.

She played at the park almost daily and went to the beach near the house several times. She really loved being able to walk in just holding her Daddy's hand. She apparently also enjoyed taking other kids beach toys.

Of course there were a few trips into Helen to shop and "tube the Hootch". We also played a game of putt-putt at the same course Michael played many times with his mother as a child. We also visited Goats on the Roof- which is literally a store with goats (you guessed it!) on the roof.

Ava also made her first trip to the Cabbage Patch Hospital. Stop cringing! It was actually quite fun. The place is enormous and beautiful. Ava played with everything and was encouraged to do so. The staff were great. She wasn't too interested in the "birthing process" however. She did get her first Cabbage Patch baby. It was a base model but she lugged it everywhere.

After visiting the hospital we headed to Grandmommy's childhood home. Michael wanted to take pictures for prosperity and the rest of us wanted lunch. Then we headed to Mike and Argen's house to see Granddaddy's new shop. Ava played with some of Grandmommy's old toys and puttered around her flower garden. They discovered a bunny rabbit who apparently was foolishly unafraid of Ava. He didn't scamper off as she approached. Ava would have made Elmer Fudd proud as she quietly "hunted" rabbit. She probably came within five feet of the rabbit before it bounded away. But it didn't go far- just to the safety of the bushes- and then stared back at Ava. I am certain Ava was thinking "Challenge accepted!" Fortunately for the bunny we decided to head back in to the cooler house.

The trip home was not nearly as much fun. Apparently, we didn't consider the hotel limitations of taking our dog, Misha, with us. Five hours into our drive home, with Ava finally asleep in the backseat, we began looking for a place to stay. Three different exits provided us with zilch. No dogs allowed! By this point the dog is getting antsy, Michael is getting nervous and I am just getting pissy (Hard to believe I know). Then, Ava wakes up. The joy just never stops. We did finally manage to locate a, what's a polite word? Experienced? Yes, a very experienced motel that would allow Misha.

We are flying for our next trip- non-negotiable.