Monday, November 28, 2011

Gobble Gobble!

Whew! This has been a busy one. We have celebrated birthdays, traveled to Atlanta to visit family and had family visit us for Thanksgiving!

First, our friends helped us celebrate Michael's birthday with dinner at Bistro 1245. The venue was small, the staff pretentious and not kid-friendly but we enjoyed ourselves all the same. We are blessed with wonderful friends!

On November 10th, we headed to Atlanta to visit Goggie, Aunt Jen (AntiJen),Uncle Jay and cousin Ian. Grandmommy and Papa came, too. The visit was pleasant even though poor Michael was quite ill. Luckily, neither Ava nor her Aunt Jen (Who is pregnant with Baby Zac) caught it. Ava did love playing with her cousin Ian. He even let her ride his scooter. Now of course Ava wants one. Tell it to Santa!

For Thanksgiving Aunt Jen, Uncle Jay and Ian joined us here at home. It was a wonderful visit. The boys went to Legoland while the girls shopped. Ava is really attached to her Aunt Jen (and puppy, Misha! Check out the photos below). She is still warming up to her Uncle Jay. But Uncle Jay wins tons of points in our book because he cleaned the kitchen after Thanksgiving dinner while the rest of us went to see the Muppet Movie! Ava loved it! Now everything green is "Kermit."

Aunt Jen also taught Ava how to make squash animals out of marshmallows and toothpicks- a Johnson family tradition. It's right up there with watching the Macy's Day Parade.

We also managed to put up Ava's Christmas tree before heading back to work. We wanted her to have her very own. One that was okay for her to touch and play with the ornaments. In retrospect this wasn't the best idea as it only encouraged her to touch everyone's Christmas tree! But it was adorable watching her and her Daddy put it together and decorate. Afterwards, she sang Christmas carols...or "Falalalalala" as she calls it.

We can hardly wait for Christmas! We have taken some time off to spend with Ava for the holiday. We plan to visit family and friends and get caught up on some projects for ourselves before the New Year.

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