Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas Baby!

For Christmas this year we headed once again to Atlanta to be with family. This Christmas we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Zac, Ava's cousin. We were hoping we would be there if he decided to make an early appearance. We would celebrate our own Christmas once we were back home. In the meantime, we would gladly visit the Georgia Aquarium, eat loads of good food, visit with family and celebrate the holiday! Oh, and we checked out Papa's newly finished barn and the addition to the Clarkesville house.

The big gift for Ava this year was her guitar from her Grandmamommy and Papa. She strummed and sang for anyone who would listen- which was, of course, everyone! We try not to put too much expectation on her musically. We know that she comes from a very musical family but we want to be sure to encourage with out suffocating. So far, she seems to love music and playing the guitar...and the drums...and the piano...
A few days after Christmas we finally decided Baby Zac was going to wait until his due date to show up and so we headed home. He surprised us all and arrived the very next night! We missed him by a day and Ava was heart broken. Now, every time we ask Ava where she lives, or "where are they going?" Her response is: Atlanta!

Enjoy the photos...and hopefully we'll be a bit better about posting in 2012. Merry Christmas from Team Johnson!

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