Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Halloween Ava!

October was filled with cooler weather, pumpkins and costumes. First she and her good friend, Ava Grey, attended the Ghouls, Goblins and Greeks event at the university. They wore matching Asian inspired costumes and looked adorable- as always! The sorority girls ate them up.

Later that week we headed off to Rogers Farm for some fall festivities. Ava had her first pony ride. We know she loves anything horse-related but we weren't sure how she would respond to a real pony. She loved it! She kept wanting to ride again...and again.

She also rode the cow train. Trains have also become a passion for Ava. She loves to say "chugga- chugga" and "toot-toot!" It was a beautiful fall day and we had a great time watching Ava enjoy all of the goodies on the farm. Per usual, she found a mound of sand that we had to bribe her away from. I so do not know where she gets that from! As a child I never played in the dirt. Maybe we're nurturing a future paleontologist?

Ava had a pumpkin patch playdate with Ava Grey and Ariana that included a bounce house, a tot-sized roller coaster ride and sliding! The girls ran amok until the sun had set and Ava for the first time ever said, "I cold."

On October 30th we attended Trunk-or-treat at Trinity with Ava Grey, Ariana and their parents. The three girls were adorable! Ava was supposed to dress up in a devil costume while her friend Ariana dressed as an angel- because us silly parents thought it would be funny. In the end, Ava got the last laugh because she refused to wear it. Ava went as "Princess Ava" complete with her Mommy's tiara. Ava Grey wore the red Asian-inspired dress with the cutest little handbag! And Ariana was a beautiful angel.

October is the beginning of our favorite time of year, and this October didn't disappoint. Next month is filled with plans to visit family in Atlanta, birthday celebrations and of course, Thanksgiving!

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