Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Godfather Gets Married.

May was a very busy month for Ava! First, she had her very first bike ride. We bought her a front-mounted bike seat for Michael's bicycle and the required pink helmet while visiting her Goggie one week-end. One beautiful Saturday morning we strapped her in and took her for a spin. She loved it!!!

Also this month we celebrated Aunt Stacy graduating from Medical school at the University of Florida (Go Gators!) Ava was amazing during the nearly three hour event. She was mesmerized by the bagpiper who played both the processional and recessional. She even recognized her Uncle Colin among all of the robed individuals. It was a long day and Ava was her wonderfully charming, loving self. We're so glad her "evil twin" didn't show up. You know, the one who won't sit still, whines constantly and says "no" to everything!

May also had a big playdate with Ari. Ari and Ava are BFF's and at their May playdate they shared "tea" and hair styling tips.

Then they ran into each other again at the playground in the mall. Where Ava conquered the alligator, broke her first heart, and discovered her love for turtles.

Ava unfortunately had her first ear infection right before we were to leave for West Palm Beach for Uncle Colin and Stacy's wedding. Dr. Karen took great care of her though and within 48 hours she was getting her spunk back. We made the trip without incident and we watched Uncle Colin marry the girl of his dreams.

All about Ava:
-She weighs nearly 20 pounds.
-She says "Je t'aime!"- which is French for "I love you".
-She follows directions. For example: We recently asked her to place her keds in her room. Not only did she take them to her room but she placed them on the right shelf!
-She is repeating everything...even some things we don't want her to :/
-Ava plays catch! She loves to toss the ball with her Daddy!
-She also likes to "clean house". She walks through the house pushing the swiffer. We hope she doesn't outgrow this phase!

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