Monday, July 18, 2011

How To Give a Tot a Haircut:

June 30th:

It was decided rather urgently that Ava would require a haircut before heading to Hiawassee to visit her grandparents. This was based on the fact that we found Ava was constantly wiping hair from her face, getting food in her hair as she attempted to wipe hair from her face while eating and the tangles that ensued.

So, after a particularly messy meal we made her a warm bath and stripped her down. Tam put on an old t-shirt and shorts and climbed in with her- scissors and comb in hand. Michael’s job was to somehow keep her somewhat still and happy. Not an easy task…until he discovered the power of MARSHMALLOWS!

Check out the photos below…

Before the haircut
Look at the length of that hair!
The supplies:
The first cut.
Making it even.

In other news...Ava had her 15 month check-up and is doing great! She is finally on the growth chart. She is in the 10th percentile for weight and 6th percentile for height. She weighed in at 20.3 pounds fully clothed so no new car seat yet. She also received lots of shots but she didn't handle them any worse than she handled the rest of the appointment.

Overall, Ava is doing wonderfully! Her vocabulary is growing daily. We never know what might come out of her mouth next. She remains very loving and has started playing "hide and seek" with us before bedtime. She loves it when one of us hides behind the couch and says "Psst!" When she looks over the edge we pop up and she giggles in delight. Now she has discovered how to say "psst!" and that is our clue to begin the game again.

Next up is Hiawassee and the Fourth of July!

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