Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lions, tigers and bears- Oh my!

April was a busy month for Ava! First, we went to the zoo with some of Ava's friends. She saw lots of animals but I think the highlight of her day was feeding the giraffes. A close second was playing in the waterpark with Ava G. Check out the pics below!

Another big event this month was Easter! Ava went on her first Easter Egg hunt. She went with her friend Ava C. but met up with her friends Ava G. and William. At first Ava wasn't sure what to do. Michael and I kept telling her to pick up the eggs and put them in her basket. Finally, she picked up two eggs- one for each hand. However, she had no interest in putting them in the basket! She wanted to hold onto them. Her friend Ava C. in the meantime had a basket full of eggs (She caught on pretty quickly). So we made the mistake of telling our Ava to fill her basket like Ava C. So she did. She walked right over to Ava C.'s basket and began taking her eggs and putting them in her own basket! Fortunately, Ava C. wasn't that upset about it and they began hunting eggs together. It was absolutely adorable to watch the two of them toddling along together picking up brightly colored plastic eggs.

Some Ava highlights for April:
-She says "Mama"...a lot!
-She loves to give hugs and kisses!
-She is very outgoing!
-She repeats (or attempts to) everything we say!
-She is a daredevil! She likes to swing high and fast.
-She has a nightly ritual of "Hop on Pop". Michael gets on the floor and Ava toddles over to him and plops down on his stomach and bounces up and down. She thinks it's hysterical!

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