Friday, June 26, 2009

Slightly Overwhelming...

The last two weeks have been a flurry of health care appointments. First we had our nurses appointment where we were given an estimated due date of January 31st. This appointment was first and foremost to go over the cost of having a baby- literally! After we signed in they had us meet the financial specialist to go over all fees for the next nine months. Thank God for insurance.

Once we realized we had just invested our nest egg (no pun intended), we were shuttled off to meet with the OB nurse specialist. Of course this was not before leaving the first of what I am sure will be hundreds of urine samples. Then it was off to the scale. I was insulted when the nurse laughed when I told her that my shoes weighed at least a pound (They really do!!! I've weighed them!)

We then endured 45 minutes of information inundation. I am sure at one point I saw Michael's eyes glaze over in fear. It's a good thing you have this visit after you find out you're pregnant because if you did it beforehand, you'd make sure you never did anything to get pregnant!

Finally after drawing about a gallon of blood for at least a dozen tests, we were allowed to leave. But not before scheduling our first ultrasound - June 18th at 3pm. On our way out Michael commented, "It seems kind of unfair that your body has to go through all the changes and mine gets to stay just how it is." Lucky for him he was too far away to hit!

2 comments on "Slightly Overwhelming..."

Shantel said...

Ahh! The wonderful visit with the insurance woman!! Nobody ever tells you about those wonderful sides of pregnancy!! You really find out how good or crappy your insurance is! :) Yes, and get used to peeing in a'll be doing it for the next 9 months. Enjoy all the craziness of is a very special time!!!

Jenny said...

I hate it when the nurses don't believe you about your shoes. Some of them are really heavy!