Friday, June 26, 2009

Nurses, Doctors, Ultrasounds, Oh My!

Our second appointment was less about business and more about baby. Instead of going to the financial office, we were met at the door and ushered right into the ultrasound room where we anxiously waited to find out if everything looked okay. There were four things they looked for, and they found all four - including our baby's heartbeat. It's amazing that they can show us a heartbeat when the whole baby was just 3mm long. Seeing it on screen was incredible, and made the whole experience a little less abstract, and a lot more personal.

We also learned that we were not quite as far along as we originally thought. We calculated that our due date would be the end of January, but they told us February 15th. So we're splitting the difference and figuring on February 5th.

Behold. The little butterbean:

And once we found out that things looked okay (knock on wood), we started to tell our friends.

1 comments on "Nurses, Doctors, Ultrasounds, Oh My!"

Becca & Jake said...

Jake's exact response to the ultrasound: "eeHHHAAA! Man" Which I interrupt to mean: are you sure its not just dirt?