Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ava's Birthday Celebration Part two

Tam began planning Ava's birthday party months before the actual event so we are not surprised that she developed a new interest in the interim. Unfortunately, the ball was rolling for the Minnie Mouse themed party.  So despite her new found love for anything Thomas the Train, we moved forward with our plans.

Lucky for Ava she has Aunts who adore her and wanted to grant her wish for a Thomas the Train birthday party! She's not spoiled at all.  The Sunday following her first party, we headed south to attend Ava's second, 2nd Birthday Party. 

They really did a great job, too! There was a huge train station set up in one room with tons of trains and accessories for Ava and her cousins to play with. They made mini sandwiches shaped like people to ride Thomas the Train. The centerpiece of the table was a Thomas the Train mountain set complete with a Birthday Thomas the Train for the birthday girl! Everything was done up in Thomas colors of red and blue. The party favors were even in Thomas shaped gift boxes full of trinkets and candy!

Ava's favorite gift was a "fish tank" her Uncle John gave her.

The cake was also perfect. Ava especially liked that it turned her tongue blue. Of course, it just wouldn't be a party without a little excitement. While we were there the field across from my sister's home caught fire and the firetrucks were called to the scene. Ava didn't mind. While everyone else was busy watching the firefighters, she was eating everyone's cake!

I'm pretty sure I had a desk like this when I was little :)

Next stop Disney World where Ava will have her third (and final) birthday celebration with 13 of her closest friends! Oh, and did we mention Mickey and Minnie will be there?

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