Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ava's Birthday Celebration (part one)

I cannot believe my baby is two! What an incredible journey the last three years have been. How blessed are we? We have a wonderful, beautiful, inelligent, affectionate little girl and we have each other. We feel pretty lucky.

This month we celebrated Ava's birthday in typical fashion with three birthday parties and a trip to Disney World. In all fairness, we would have had to go to Disney regardless because Tam was running in the Princess Half Marathon again. So what better excuse for Ava to see The Mouse.  For this post we will focus on the Minnie Mouse themed party Ava had with her friends.

By now you are all aware of Tam's party-planning tendencies. If she ever wanted a career change I think "party planner" would be an excellent option. Or possibly accountant (She also loves to manage money.)

Tam ordered a lot of the supplies this year but she did make a few accessories like the Minnie Mouse topiary.

We invited four girls to the party and unfortunately two became ill the day before. They sure missed a great time! Ava, Ariana and Zooey had the run of the place and they took full advantage of it. There was plenty of "toddler-friendly" food, toys to play with and of course, cupcakes!!!

The set up

The food

The cake

Trying to be delicate...

Attacking the cupcake!

Ava's new ride!

Happy Birthday Baby!

1 comments on "Ava's Birthday Celebration (part one)"

shantel said...

Awesome!! Can I hire you to throw me a party? Great job on the party and looks like Ava enjoyed every moment of it!! They just grow up too fast!! :(