Monday, September 21, 2009

Bed Rest!

Most of you know that I don't sit very well. I like to be moving and getting things done- which is why I consider this restriction true torture!!! I am hopeful that at our next OB visit the ultrasound will be OK and the other symptoms will have resolved and I can get back to work (It's FLU season afterall!) and complete some house projects in preparation for Baby A. During my downtime I thought I would share a funny story with you...

On September 7th, Michael and I awoke early to drive his sister and nephew (visiting from Atlanta) to the airport. Our plan was to head straight to Babies R' Us in order to register (At the urging of our good friend Jesse) for baby goodies. We arrived at the store just as it opened (9:30). We met with an employee who signed us up for the registry and gave us the neat little gun scanner and a map of the store. At first we were excited, but this would quickly turn into an overwhelming feeling of being in over our heads. We had been given lots of tips by friends and family over what we "needed" and what were considered the best options. Of course all of this information must have been banned at the door because neither of us could remember a single tip once inside. Michael took down every stroller we thought might work for us and tried them out. He was looking for ease of opening and closing and overall weight of the device. After the first few he announced that we would register for the first stroller he didnt end up cursing in his effort to either open or close. It took us a while to find one :) After the stroller issue we seemed to be moving along a bit more smoothly...until we came to the wall of bottles! There were literally shelves upon shelves of bottle options! Before panic set in, we decided to call our friends Daisy and Nate and get their expert advice. Unfortunately for us they were out enjoying the beautiful weather. At this point we had lost all track of time...when my cell phone rang. Michael answered because I was busy trying to decipher the difference between the $25 baby lotion and the $3 version. The conversation went roughly like this:
Michael: Hello?
Caller: Mr. Johnson?
Michael: Yes?
Caller: This is (insert name here) from Babies R Us. Your wife was in our store this morning and registered with us. We think she may have accidentally taken the scanner home with her.
Michael: (Laughing) Oh no she didn't take it. We're still here in the store. We're just very slow.

The woman apologized and Michael assured her that we were nearly done and would return the scanner shortly. We must have set a record for them. We were there for nearly 6 hours!!! And we weren't even done registering yet...we still had to register at Target. But a nice end to the day was dinner at The Cheesecake Factory with my favorite company, Michael :)

Our next post will include photos of my growing tummy (for Grandma Argen) and the beginnings of our nursery. We finally found flooring!

4 comments on "Bed Rest!"

Rebecca on September 23, 2009 at 10:54 PM said...

That is too funny! BRU is a little overwhelming though

Shantel said...

I loved the story!! There probably isn't too much difference between the $3 lotion and the $25 one.....only that if you buy the $25 one your baby will probably be allergic to it! Ha ha ha You never find these things out till the baby gets here, then it is trial and error!!
PS- I don't think they make a stroller that is "cuss" proof!!! And we have tried alot of them!!!!

Jenny said...

I'm so sorry that you are on bed rest! I undestand being overwhelmed at Babies are us. That store scares me.

Jenny said...

I'm so sorry that you are on bed rest! I undestand being overwhelmed at Babies are us. That store scares me.