Monday, August 22, 2011

Life's a Beach!

In late July, Team Johnson headed to St. Augustine Beach for a mini-holiday with friends. We had a wonderful time frolicking in the waves, exploring the city, and eating loads of ice cream!

We ate several meals out and Ava was great because she had one of her favorite sidekicks with her, Ava Grey! They were two peas in a pod the entire trip. We typically spent the mornings by the pool or at the beach, followed by a trip into town to play at the park and ride on the carousel. Our evenings included another trip to the water to tucker the sweet cherubs out and then bath and bed for them. Then the real fun began...board games!!! We had many laughs over just how little we knew in order to answer the circa 1980 questions from Trivial Pursuit. After embarrassing ourselves, we decided to switch to "31"- a card game taught to us by our good friends Mark and Jesse- that did not require a vault of historical information.

The girls played so well together. And it was so nice to have some adult time in the evenings. We had such a good time that we think we will make it an annual event! Check out the pics below and stay tuned for our trip to California!

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