Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An Ava Update:

Before we left for Boston we wanted to give our friends and family the “Ava Update!” This will be a brief post (and we apologize) but we will make a longer post once we return from our trip.

First, we have officially transformed our formal dining room into the “Avahood”. It has been empty since we moved in nearly four years ago because we could never agree on what furniture we wanted in there. So now it has Big Bird and Elmo on one side and dinosaurs and firetrucks on the other. Throw in a few musical instruments and you have the “Avahood.”

Ava also has her first tooth! Now only 19 more to go…She is also crawling and pulling herself up to stand. The first time this happened was after I put her in her crib for a moment so I could tidy her room. I heard her giggling and I turned around and there she was with a huge smile! She was very proud of herself. I called Michael and told him it was time to lower the mattress. So now anytime we put Ava on her tummy she instantly searches for anything with which to pull herself up.

In September we took Ava to St. Augustine for a photo shoot. The weather was perfect and Ava was all giggles. I have included a few of the snapshots from the shoot below.

Can you see why we're totally enamored!?

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Anonymous said...

What a lucky girl to get to pose for so many great pictures! She is so adorable!